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BMI takes late bloomers...really late bloomers

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I passed Isabelle Byman, my professor for piano pedagogy, in the hallway of Manhattan School of Music shortly after I played my jury. This jury would determine whether I was removed from probation, and given clearance to prepare to graduate (that's a longer story...) I hadn’t played all that well, but apparently well enough to be successful.

Isabelle stopped me in the hallway and said, “ look Andrew, you’re smart, and you’re going to find your way. I promise. You’re what's known as a late bloomer, so just keep the faith and keeping working.”

I never forgot those words…I’ve carried them with me all these years, as a teacher, a producer, a performer. When I learned this weekend that I was accepted into the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop as a composer, I smiled to myself and remembered Isabelle’s words. But did you really mean THAT LATE of a BLOOMER?

Thank you, BMI steering committee, for taking a chance on this late bloomer and welcoming me to the first year class. Gonna be fun.

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